All of Saniflo products are designed to pump out the waste into a sewer, septic tank or vent stack.

Saniflo recommends to use uPVC piping.

Depending on the pump model, the discharge pipe can be 20-40mm diameter pipe.

All macerators utilize 20mm uPVC.

All grey water pumps utilize 25mm uPVC.

Sanicubics utilize 40mm uPVC.

Saniflo products require venting to atmosphere.

As per national plumbing codes.

Periodical servicing should be considered depending on frequency of use.

However, in areas with "hard" water (heavy mineral content), we recommend the use of descalant.

All of our products are manufactured with a standard moulded three pin plug and requires 220/240 volts power supply.

The Sanicubic Classic/Pro requires 220/240 volts powersupply, however it must be hard wired.

A macerator is designed to shred sewage waste and WC paper into tiny particles, forming a fine slurry that is then discharged through 20mm uPVC pipe work.

There is no need to break up the floor.  Saniflo can easily be installed anywhere on a finished floor.

Grey water pumps are designed to handle waste water discharge from vanities, showers, bathtubs, washing machines, dishwashers, kitchen sinks, laundry tubs but not a toilet.

All Saniflo products are available in white only, except for the Sanicubic Classic which comes in gray, as well as the Sanispeed.

Noise levels transmitted during operation are very low and only last for the duration of operation (5 to 8 seconds).

Maximum noise level approximately 55db.

Saniflo Pumps are available from any plumbing merchants shops Australia wide.

On average, a Saniflo pump will last 8 to 10 years, however this depends mainly on the correctness of the instalation as well as appropriate usage*.

* Appropriate usage is described as the disposal of all organic human waste only.

A shower can be installed on most of our products. The shower base must be raised a minimum of 15cm from the floor level.

A bathtub can only be used in conjunction with a Saniplus model. The exit hight of water from the bath must be a minimum of 15cm from the floor level.

There is various alarms systems available, please contact us on 1300 554 779

Should a failure or breakdown occur, please immediately switch off the power supply and contact Saniflo technical support on 1300 554 779

Adecuate access must be available to Saniflo Pumps at all times. This access will ensure servicing can be undertaken with ease.

In the event of a power failure, do not use the toilet or any sanitary fixture connected to the pump as it will not work until the power is restored. 

The discharge pipe must be set up to pump straight up vertically to the highest point and then horizontal with a slope of at least 1%  into the main drain pipe. 

It is not recommended to use 90 degree elbows on the discharge pipework.  For any changing directions in the discharge pipework, we recommend using two 45 degree elbows (back to back) or long sweeping elbows.

Saniflo offers a 2-year warranty.  The warranty starts from the date of purchase.

Parts can be ordered directly from Saniflo.  The number to call is  1300 554 779

The warranty is voided when any foreign objects are found in the macerating unit. 

Inapropriate instalation and misuse will void the warranty.

By misuse we mean : Pouring automobile anti-freeze, solvent paintings, acids, alkaloids, plastic bags, metal, plastic material, wood or anything that could halt, damage or corrode the unit.

The motor is filled with oil and sealed for life at our factory; draining the oil out of the motor voids the warranty as well.

By calling 1300 554 779, Saniflo will direct you to a service agent in your locality.

All Saniflo products do hold the "Watermark" certification.