Eco-friendly bathroom

Bathroom 04/04/2019

 Eco-friendly bathroom

Everyone dreams about living in a sustainable home. It’s ethical, it’s beautiful, and you can save a lot! But it may be difficult to know where to start. What are the most important aspects? How do you know which product has the best quality-price ratio? 

We thought of what would make the perfect sustainable bathroom and we gathered some tips so that you, renovators, can start the work with your eyes closed!

Bet on energy and water-saving products

Did you know that an average toilet could use up to 12 litres of water per flush? That really adds up! Thankfully, there are more economical options. Saniflo produces a self-contained unit such as the Sanicompact C43 that uses just 1.8 to 3 litres per flush. This product has also recently been awarded the first ever 6 star WELS rating for water efficiency! Definitely a product worth considering. 

Having a sustainable home is easier than you might think, and replacing your toilet is just the start. 

Choose the material according to its durability

Some materials are cheap and look good. But for a room such as a bathroom, you should focus on eco-friendly, sustainable and reliable ones. 

For instance, we advise you to avoid buying vinyl. Instead, why not buy natural linoleum or even wood or stone? Also, think of avoiding particleboards, medium density fibreboard, and VOC paint which contains solvents that are harmful to the environment.

Heat and insulate properly

Heating a bathroom for some could be essential but heat loss can lead to huge amounts of wasted energy. In order to stop this, you can pick a radiant floor heating rather than traditional electric heating, and put in preventative heat loss measures. By choosing double glazed windows, you ensure that your room is well insulated and the heat is kept inside. As a bonus, these windows make sure that the heat stays out in the summer! 

Think long term

When it comes to home decoration, it may be easy to focus on the fancy, designer aspects rather than the practical ones. Of course, the aesthetics of your indoors are important, but you should consider the long-term in order to not be disappointed by your choices within a few years or even months. Invest in good quality appliances, choose long-lasting features, and forget wallpaper that might go mouldy soon! These choices will make you save money and time as you won’t have to renovate your wet areas as often. Keep in mind that renovations can be really energy-costly as well, so it’s better to avoid renovating too often!

Don’t forget the style!

Having a sustainable bathroom doesn’t mean giving up on style! Going green is popular, and several eco-friendly details can turn your space into a proper haven. For instance, humidity-friendly indoor plants such as orchids, philodendrons or peace lilies will add a romantic touch to your area. As a bonus, these plants help remove mould from the air, purifying your home. Additionally, invest in good quality towels and shower curtains made of recycled fibres. Not only will this help to save the environment, they’re also a nice way to bring colour and patterns to your room! 

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