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3 places you might not have thought of for your bathroom

News 10/08/2020

3 places you might not have thought of for your bathroom

Creating a bathroom from scratch used to carry many technical constraints. The biggest of which was the proximity of your new bathroom to the sewerage line. Nowadays, thankfully there are products on the market that make it possible for you to create new wet areas in your home, even if they are not located close to the main sewerage line. Read on to find out more! 

So, why not think of brand new bathroom concepts? 

1.    An open ensuite in the bedroom

Traditionally, if your bedroom wasn’t close enough to the sewerage line, you couldn’t have an ensuite bathroom. However, thanks to Saniflo’s range of products, you can now install wet areas in your home where you previously couldn’t! With this new flexibility, why not install a bathroom inside your master bedroom? Not only will this provide privacy for the parents, it’ll provide you with a luxurious hotel feel! Let’s face it, having a bathtub inside your bedroom is exciting and unique.

In order to make this situation possible,  first think of the style that you want to give to your new room. For instance, you might want to raise the height of the floor in the wet area in order to separate the spaces. Or,  you might want to build the bathtub on the same level flooring and have a beautiful stand-along tub. 

Whatever option you choose, keep in mind that you actually won’t need  to do too much to totally change the aspect of your room to be more luxurious. Instead of spending a lot of money on plumbing works, Saniflo provide the option of using one small pump to direct your water waste to the sewerage line, so there’s no need to undertake major renovations and disrupt your floor. With the money that you will have saved, consider buying a bathtub or a shower that you really love. Think of it as a genuine piece of furniture. This will give a great deal of character to your room for little effort! 

2.    A bathroom in front of a bay window 

Picture this. A beautiful standalone bathtub and an amazing, large window with a stunning view. This is a fantasy we often barely realise. Of course, you need to have a bay window, or even a sun room, which are not always that common for this transformation to be possible. You could also use the same idea with a regular window but the result might be a little less impressive, however the concept will remain the same. 

To achieve this look, you first have to choose the room you want to convert into an amazing bathroom. I suggest choosing the brighter, the more sun-drenched room. Once your choice is made, you will need to pick a shower or a bathtub to place in front of the window, so that you’ll be able to see the outside while bathing. For your view, it could be nature (your garden, countryside, woods, or even mountains for the luckiest) but it can also be the city! If you choose a city view, you’ll just have to put some two-way mirror sticker outside of your window. If you really don’t have a room with a large enough window, you could also paint a scenery on a wall instead, or use wallpaper. 

This kind of room can definitely increase the value of your home. In addition to being a practical bathroom, it is also a relaxing place for you to enjoy some zen moments reading in your bath and looking at the scenery. 

3.    Underground bathroom

An underground bathroom is definitely an acquired taste, and to be avoided if you are claustrophobic! However, if you’re keen on subdued lighting and lounging in private spaces, you might enjoy this idea of an underground, almost secret bathroom. And if you are a photography amateur, you could even use this room as a darkroom!

For this type of room, you have a number of decoration choices. For instance, you could leave the walls relatively neutral, choose vibrant coloured paints for all walls, or just a feature wall, paint a scenery, like I suggested in step 2. If you’re lucky enough to have a home with stone or brick walls, leaving these exposed in your underground bathroom will add to the secret atmosphere. Once you have selected your walls, consider your flooring choices. I suggest tiles as these are very easy to clean! You can also have a lot of fun with tiles. Play around with different colours, patterns, or keep it neutral if you would like the walls or fixtures to be the feature of the room.

An underground bathroom is a great way to make you home stand out from the crowd and it will also provide you with a nice intimate space in your home, which will be really appreciated if your house is always full of people!

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