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Tips from Australia’s home improvement experts to help you improve the value of your home

News 10/08/2020

Tips from Australia’s home improvement experts to help you improve the value of your home

Planning and starting a home improvement project can be a daunting task. From the style, fixtures, budget and contractors it can be confusing and distressing. Before you begin your home improvement project, there are a few key things you need to keep in mind when renovating or improving your home.  First, you want your home to be functional, your home should meet your needs and wants, which might mean avoiding some of the current trends, and your renovations should improve the value of your home.

This last point should be front of mind during your planning stage, particularly if you’re planning to sell your home in the near future. To help you plan your home improvement projects, we’ve put together essential tips from leading home improvement experts designed to maximise the value of your home.

Cherie Barber, dubbed Australia’s Renovation Queen, has said, “Well-renovated wet areas are the most important elements of an upgrade, so spending your renovation budget on either your kitchen or bathroom is what will bring you the most profit when you come to sell”.

So, let’s dive into how you can renovate your kitchens and bathrooms to improve the value of your home!


A top tip to improving the value of your home is to renovate your kitchen. Frank Valentic, celebrity judge and Buyer’s Advocate from The Block, says “the modern-day kitchen in Australian homes is much bigger than they have been in generations before us. They have a real communal feel that allows for easy entertaining”. One way that you can achieve this communal feel with easy entertaining and added style value is by creating an island bench.

To install an island bench in your kitchen with minimal disruption and without the need to move your plumbing, consider using Sanivite. This grey water pump fits easily inside a small cupboard, making it a discreet solution. It can also be connected to a dishwasher making it simple to achieve a stylish and functional kitchen space. Another key element to include in your kitchen renovation is bar stools, so your friends and family can sit around your island bench while you cook and entertain!

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Cherie Barber shared her insights into what property valuers look for in a home, which is an incredibly insightful tip for anyone looking to sell! One thing that she mentions that valuers favour is the number of bedrooms and bathrooms a home has. Put simply, “The more bedrooms a place has, the more it’s worth”, so when you’re planning your renovation, keep this in mind. Cherie’s other tip is that if your home has “more than three bedrooms, you definitely want to be thinking about a second bathroom, or at the very least, an ensuite”.

An additional bathroom is a common tip from renovation experts and definitely something to remember when planning your renovation. Whether you have the space for a complete second bathroom or a small ensuite, Saniflo has the product to make this possible, anywhere in the home.

If you have space for a second bathroom, Saniflo’s Saniaccess 3 can help you achieve this. The small macerator pump allows the installation of a toilet, vanity, shower and bath in areas without plumbing access. So, it’s the perfect solution to achieve an additional bathroom anywhere in the home, without the limitations of existing plumbing. One of the great things about Saniflo’s products is their ability to defy gravity. What this means is that you have the freedom to install a bathroom below the sewerage mains, allowing you to create that dream bathroom anywhere you want.

For a small ensuite addition, Saniflo’s 6-star WELS rated Sanicompact is the perfect solution! The Sanicompact is an all-in-one macerating unit with the ability to connect to a basin. It has all the benefits of Saniflo’s innovative macerating technology all in one product, making it ideal for small areas. The Sanicompact is also the most environmentally friendly toilet on the market – 3L for a full flush and 1.8L for a half flush, allowing you to save money and reduce your resource consumption.

Granny Flats

For an out of the box idea that will also see you generating immediate revenue, consider installing a granny flat in your backyard, if you have space. Buyers’ agent Jacque Parker has said, “In some areas, the popularity [of granny flats] has really taken off, and they can add value to a property as people like the idea of a second income”. A recent Domain article has stated that “Depending on the location, a decent granny flat can be rented out for $200 to $600 a week”. However, it’s important to make sure you’re adding a granny flat in a smart way. You want to ensure that your desired granny flat doesn’t overlook the house and still allows enough garden space. If you don’t, you could find that your granny flat actually detracts from the value of your home.

Once you have identified the best location for your granny flat, you’ll want to equip it with all the bells and whistles to give your guests (or tenants if you’re renting it out) everything they need. The best granny flats have a bedroom, separate living space or sofa, kitchenette, ensuite and even a small euro laundry, all of these wet areas are possible with Sanicubic 1 WP. The Sanicubic 1 can connect to a toilet, sink, shower, bathtub, washing machine, kitchen sink and dishwasher. Everything your guests could possibly need!

For more ideas on how to add value to your home, check out our eBook and if you’d like more information on how Saniflo can help you in your next wet area renovation, get in touch! 

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