How to maximise the use of small spaces

Bathroom 01/01/2017

How to maximise the use of small spaces

Think you can’t fit a guest bathroom? Think again!

Having an extra bathroom is always beneficial for a home, even if you can only fit a small ensuite or powder room.

Installing a second bathroom might seem expensive, but it can actually be quite affordable! You can easily avoid the most expensive plumbing costs by using one single product: the Saniaccess. This macerator pump is the slimmest on the market (only 18.6cm), so it won’t take up much space in an already small room. As a bonus, you’ll even be able to connect every bathroom fixture to the pump, including a sink, toilet and shower!

If your room is feeling cramped, I would suggest measuring all available wall space, including corners, and building some custom shelves. This is a fairly straight forward exercise to tackle yourself, all you really need is some wood, a tape measure, screws, drill a saw and some angle brackets. However, it is often best to ask a professional if you feel uneasy, or if you do not possess the adequate tools.

If you’re still not convinced that you have enough space for a second bathroom, just remember that a 3m2 space can fit a bathtub, so your 2m2 closet can definitely become at least a powder room!

The importance of multi-purpose furniture

Multi-purpose furniture can be a life-saver when it comes to furnishing a small room and you won’t believe how many possibilities there are to help you furnish a tiny home!

Beds, tables, chairs… everything can take up less space if designed properly. In my opinion, the most space-saving item of furniture might be the wall bed. Often, this won’t even be noticeable when it’s closed, but it will be a real bed when needed. Using this kind of furniture will make utilising your room for multiple purposes possible. An office by day and a bedroom by night? Perfect!

If your room can’t fit a bed, even a single one, and you don’t like the idea of a wall bed, you can still make your space an office by combining a bookcase and a desk in one single piece of furniture. Taking inspiration from old writing cases, the desk will then be integrated in the bookcase. Often, you can also use furniture such as the desk and bookcase to divide a section of the room. This way, you can easily have one section for sleeping and one section for working.

How do I make my space look larger? 

At the end of the day, the main aim is to make your space look larger. In order to achieve this goal, I recommend the use of mirrors. These will instantaneously give your space a larger appearance, and have the added bonus of refracting light, making your room also appear brighter!

Mirrors provide endless possibilities. Whether you want to keep the style uncluttered or you want to give some originality to the room, you can use mirrors in really different ways. If you prefer a sober style, you can use a rectangle-shaped mirror, in order to make it look more like a window. If you have the opportunity to place the mirror in front of a real window, your room will not only appear larger, but also more peaceful!

If you prefer a more eclectic designed style, I suggest finding mirrors at an antique dealer or several different shops, then hang them next to one another on the same wall. This will decorate the space without looking as cluttered as multiple paintings can.

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