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Luxurious bathroom trends for your home

News 01/05/2021

Luxurious bathroom trends for your home

Source: A Beautiful Mess

Trends come and go but one thing is for sure: luxury is here to stay. Luxurious home styles make people feel special the minute they walk in the door and a key area of the home where you want to feel the most relaxed is the bathroom.

 1. The bathtub

The best way to relax in your bathroom is to have a bath! If you’ve got the space in your bathroom, install a beautiful standalone tub that is functional as well as a feature of the room. If you don’t have space in your actual bathroom, consider installing a standalone tub in your bedroom! This hotel style bathtub in the bedroom trend is on the rise, and creates the ultimate luxurious bedroom/bathroom environment. To make your bathroom even more luxurious, consider creating an elevated platform for your bath. This added height differentiates the space from the rest of the room and feels that much more luxurious.

In order to achieve an elevated standalone bathtub in either your bathroom or your bedroom, you can use the Sanispeed+ from Saniflo. As the French inventor of the macerator pump, Saniflo provides macerator and grey water pumps to help homeowners achieve their dream wet areas, anywhere in the home. With the help of the Sanispeed+, your beautiful standalone tub is possible, without digging up your floor and disrupting your space.

 2. Bathroom living

In addition to your key bathroom features (bathtub, shower, toilet, basin), a rising trend is to incorporate more luxurious living elements into your bathroom. To do this, think about what activities you would like to do in the bathroom. There are obvious things like brushing your teeth but maybe you’d also like to do your hair and make-up in the bathroom? Or perhaps you’d like to give yourself a mani-pedi? Whatever the activity is, consider what extra elements could help to make these activities more luxurious. A beautiful dressing table or countertop where you can store your cosmetics, combined with a large mirror and a plush stool all help add to the feeling of luxurious comforts and help create a haven.

 3. Minimalism

Minimalism isn’t a new idea and there’s a reason why it’s stuck around for so long! A minimalist bathroom not only creates an illusion of space, but also allows you to have a clutter-free, easy clean and organised bathroom.  One key way that you can achieve a minimal and spacious feeling is with a Scandistyle floating vanity. Installing a wall-mounted or ‘floating’ vanity is a great way to add a sleek and stylish focal point to your bathroom, and simple addition to make a small room feel and look much bigger.

 4. A rain shower

A rain shower is one of the most luxurious bathroom elements that will really help your space feel like a proper haven. There’s nothing better than perfect water pressure and temperature pouring from the ceiling to wash away the stresses from the day. For this feature to look the most luxurious, it should be a walk-in shower with a clear glass screen. If you’re creating a new shower space in your bathroom, Saniflo’s Sanifloor can help you achieve a walk-in shower without the need to break your existing floor. Talk to one of the experts at Saniflo for more information and to see which solution is best for you.