Sanicubic 1GR helps homeowners turn a boatshed into guest accomodation

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Sanicubic 1GR helps homeowners turn a boatshed into guest accomodation


Objective: To convert an existing boatshed into guest accommodation 

Challenge: Installation of a bathroom and kitchen without access to traditional plumbing 

Solution: Sanicubic 1GR

The once humble boat shed is seeing a resurgence but not for its initial purpose. What was once a simple and practical storage shed is now receiving a major renovation, creating unique and enviable studio and guest accommodation.

“We are seeing a growing trend towards converting boat houses on waterfront properties in situations where people want to have added guest accommodation for friends and family, or to add to the value of their home.”

Gregory Waters, Saniflo Australasia

In order to create these unique spaces, complete with a bathroom and kitchenette, renovators need the help of a recent Saniflo product, the Sanicubic 1GR.

The latest addition to Saniflo’s Sanicubic range, the Sanicubic 1GR meets a growing need in the market – the ability to achieve plumbing in sloping waterfront properties, such as boathouses, and on rural properties where the main drainage is too far away.

“We have seen a great deal of interest in our Sanicubic 1GR as it has the ability to lift very high (up to 20m vertically) compared to our other Sanicubics. This 20m vertical lift capacity makes it ideal for those properties that slope, such as waterfront homes and boatsheds.”

Mike Alborough, General Manager, Saniflo Australasia

The Sanicubic 1GR features a powerful 2200W motor, high flow rate performance, integrated non-return valves, external hard-wired audio visual alarm, and an IP68 waterproof rating. It can pump waste water 20m vertically or 200m horizontally, or a lesser combination of both. 

The Sanicubic 1 GR also incorporates an intelligent pump controller, featuring operating hours, maintenance intervals and fault logging. A clever feature of this controller is the ability to monitor power consumption & adjustable parameters that set the pump’s working volumes through the increasing or decreasing of the switching levels. The ability to adjust these parameters to suit the customers’ particular application has the ability to not only save power but extend the working life of the pump motor itself. Besides the actual operational parameters, the controller system also saves the controlling process and records any irregularities which can be displayed on the LCD screen.

After conversion, the boatsheds feature rooms such as an upstairs bedroom and bathroom, as well as a spacious kitchenette and living space at ground level with deck and enviable waterfront views. Without the help of Saniflo, the wet areas in these boatshed studios would not have been possible.


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