The Benefits of a separate guest space for your home

Granny Flat and guest spaces 07/18/2019

The Benefits of a separate guest space for your home

Traditionally, guest spaces in the home tend to be in the same area as the other bedrooms. However, having a dedicated guest space that is separated from your main home has become a valuable option that is rising in popularity.

1. Value

One of the great benefits of having a standalone guest space is your resale value. A guest space is essentially a separate bedroom, which always adds value to your home, and if you decide to create a standalone guest space, like a granny flat, you also have the option to rent this space out.

Opting for a separate private space with a bedroom, ensuite and kitchenette can drastically improve your investment especially because it can be marketed as a granny flat if you decide to sell.

A granny flat is something that many parents are considering for their teen or adult children who still want to live at home to save money but who want their privacy and independence. It’s also a space that adult children have long considered for aging parents and other guests. Traditionally, these spaces have been created in or over garages and in basements. What we are seeing more of is standalone granny flats popping up in back gardens.

To achieve this space anywhere on your property and complete with the necessary wet areas, you can use products from Saniflo. For your bathroom, Saniflo offer the Sanicompact C43, which allows the installation of a toilet and basin. It’s also the most environmentally friendly toilet on the market (with a 6-star WELS rating), so it’s perfect if you’re environmentally conscious. It has the ability to pump waste water 3m vertically or 30m horizontally, or a lesser combination of both.

For spaces that will be located further from the sewerage mains and that will also need a shower or bathtub, consider the Sanicubic 1. This lifting station has the ability to connect to a toilet, sink, shower, bathtub, washing machine, kitchen sink and dishwasher! With the Sanicubic 1, you can easily install kit out your new granny flat with a bathroom, kitchenette and even a laundry, all without disturbing your room or garden.

2. Multi-purpose area 

Even if you don’t need the space straightaway, it’s highly likely that you will need it in the future as. A separate guest space provides you with multiple possibilities, not just for guests to sleep or to rent out to possible tenants. 

Other uses for this multipurpose area include:

Home office 

Movie room

Kids playroom

Music room

Home gym

One thing is for sure, the list is endless, so use your imagination!

3. Peace and Privacy

Whether used as a playroom by your children, a home gym by you, or a complete suite by your guests, having a separated space means less noise and more privacy.

If you choose to use this space as a music room when guests aren’t staying, a separated area will ensure you don’t disturb the rest of your family. Likewise, if you practice yoga, using your separate guest space as a home gym allows you peace and privacy while you practice. 

For your guests, a separate, fully self-contained space allows them the peace and privacy that they need when they stay. With a separated space that includes its own entrance and all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay, your guests will be content, and the option for renting this space out, if you choose, is open to you.

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