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This will make you re-think your apartment

News 09/29/2020

This will make you re-think your apartment

If you, like many homeowners, live in an apartment, then you might think that your renovation options are limited. Perhaps you have always dreamed of an ensuite but have thought (or been told) that it isn’t possible. Or maybe you’d love your own internal laundry room but to have one inside your apartment seems impossible. 

Well, the good news is that you can create your own ensuite, second bathroom or even your own internal laundry room! It might seem impossible and you won’t want to disrupt your neighbours by digging through their walls and ceilings but thankfully there is a way to avoid this and have your dream space. 

To avoid disrupting your neighbours and your flooring while creating new wet areas in your apartment, you will need to use a product by Saniflo. Saniflo pumps can be installed in small spaces (like a cupboard) and use small pipes that can easily be placed inside your walls and ceiling. This way, there’s no need to break through your floor and you won’t even notice the pump in your space.

*Before embarking on your renovation project, be sure to consult the professionals.

When deciding to renovate, the first thing you’ll want to do is find the space for your new area. Your project will determine the amount of room you need, and keep in mind that you can get away with less space than you might think.

If you are building your own internal laundry room, you would be surprised at how small this space can be. European, or Euro, laundries (ie a laundry in a cupboard) are very popular in apartments. They can easily be installed into most rooms, maximising the liveability of your apartment. If you would love your own internal laundry room but think you don’t have the space, then a Euro laundry is for you. 

Do you have spare space in your living room? Consider sectioning off a portion that is out of the way (consider consulting an interior designer, architect and builder for this) and create a European Laundry. Do you have a spare hallway closet that you don’t use? This can also be turned into a laundry room.

If you’ve been longing to have a second bathroom and maybe even an ensuite, then wait no longer! It is possible to have a second bathroom in your apartment. The most popular converted space we see a walk-in wardrobe to an ensuite. Often, homeowners find that they don’t need the large cupboard space as much as they need an additional bathroom. Another common powder room location is that misused hallway closet (if you decide not to use it for a laundry!).

To make these spaces possible, there is a range of available Saniflo products. I recommend the Sanicompact for a powder room as it has connections for a toilet and basin, and has been awarded a 6-star WELS rating for water efficiency. For a laundry room, I would use a Sanivite as this also has the option to connect a sink, shower and even a dishwasher if you would like the added flexibility. For an ensuite that includes a shower as well as a toilet and basin, use a Sanipro.

As with all renovation projects, be sure to consult the professionals. If you’re interested in adding a new wet area to your apartment but are not sure which product to use, you can call Saniflo on 1300 554 779

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