Turn your cupboard into a powder room

Bathroom 08/27/2020

Turn your cupboard into a powder room

Do you only have one bathroom in your home and dream of a second one? Do you think that you don’t possibly have any space for a second bathroom? Well, read on because no space is too small to be used! 

One of the best uses of space for an additional bathroom is a cupboard! You might be thinking that there’s no way a cupboard can become a bathroom, but I’m here to show you how. Follow the below steps and your poorly used cupboard can be turned into a much-needed powder room.

1. Consider the space available

The first step is to define what space is usable for your transformation. There’s no need to have a large space to make something usable. Just 2 square metres is enough room to design a compact and beautiful powder room! The other thing that you need to consider is the height of the room. It’s definitely better if it can fit a standing person! 

2. Clear the room

One important thing to consider is that this cupboard is going to become a proper room and won’t be a storage space anymore. What this means is that you need to de-clutter and clear the space! 

So, take everything out of the cupboard and put each item in one of these categories: “Items I want to keep”, “Items I want to throw away” and “Items I want to sell”. This will give you a perfect opportunity to do a spring clean as well (insert link Clarissa’s article)!

3. Paint and install the flooring

There is nothing better than painting and flooring a space to make it feel like a proper room. If your cupboard already has existing flooring that is in good enough condition to keep, bonus! When it comes to the choice of the colour for this space, there really are no rules! Although a pale colour, such as white or beige might seem like the safe choice as it will make the room appear bigger, this isn’t necessarily true. In many cases, using a sharp, bold colour will create a more dynamic space and make the area appear larger. Another option for your walls is to embrace patterns and select a wall paper

4. Do the plumbing works

You might think that the most ambitious part of the renovation process is the plumbing works… and you could be right! Thankfully, there are some really useful products on the market, making wet area creation much easier. 

To achieve a project like converting a cupboard into a powder room, I recommend using a product by Saniflo called the Sanicompact. With this item, you can connect your toilet as well as your basin directly to the closest sewerage line without needing to break your floor!

5. Enjoy this extra space!

After you’ve completed all the groundwork, you can concentrate on decorating your new space! Some decorative lighting will help to brighten up space as well as proving an artistic aspect. Coloured towels and accessories also help to bring life to the room. After this, you are ready to enjoy the extra space. Not only will this new room make your life easier, but it will also add value to your home if you one day decide to sell.

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