The Sanifos 280 GR is an ideal solution for a granny flat

  • Autonomous operation
  • Single-phase
  • Reliable cutter pump

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  • Commercial use
  • Individual use

Within the SANIFOS range, the SANIFOS® 280 GR is a whole of house pump out station for black water and is installed underground. It consists of a 280 litre tank and a Sanipump Cutter pump with float switch.

This lifting unit can be used to pump all the waste water in your house to the main sewerage line: WC, sink, washing machine, etc.

SANIFOS® 280 GR is delivered with its own hydraulic system including a shut-off valve and non-return valve. A 40 cm extension ring is available as an accessory where additional height to ground level is required. 

This underground lifting station is manufactured in France.

Data sheet

Inlet diameter
6 inlets Ø ext. 50/40/100/110/125
Motor power
1500 W
IP rating
Maximum absorbed current
6 A
Maximum incoming water temperature
70 °C intermittently (max 5 min)
Vent diameter
2 x Ø ext. 75
ON/OFF level
500/135 mm
Activation method
Check valve