More wet areas. Less Worries.

Ensuite Create an additional ensuite without major construction. Our range of macerators offer a quiet pumping system that's ideal to install a toilet and a sink. Your Project Products

Kitchen or Laundry Room Add a kitchen or laundry room anywhere you want. Our range of grey water pumps offer the perfect solution to add a kitchen or laundry without major construction. Your Project Products

Homes & Commercial Applications The new generation of duplex grinder system for homes and commercial applications. Our pre-assembled heavy duty grinder pump meets the demanding needs of residential and commercial sewage applications. Your Project Products

Complete Bathroom Build a complete bathroom anywhere you want without major construction. Our range of macerators and grinders offer a high level of styling that makes it the ideal centerpiece for a modern bathroom. Your Project Products

Condensate Removal Pump away condensate from any location. Our Saniflo pump is the logical choice for removal of condensate from air conditioners,high-efficiency gas furnaces, etc. Your Project Products


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Mining Camp Pump

SANICUBIC heavy duty pump


Basement Bar Pump

SANIBEST PRO macerator pump



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