Comfortable, reliable and with a contemporary design, the products in the Sanicompact range are the solution for installing sanitary facilities in small spaces.

In order to meet the expectations in terms of space planning, SFA has diversified its range of shredders. When the space available to fit new sanitary facilities is reduced, the Sanicompact range provides an aesthetic and efficient response.

Equipped with an integrated grinder, these ceramic bowls (excluding Sanismart) save real space.

Floor-level or suspended, these solutions are ideal for furnishing a studio, a closet or a space under the stairs. They also offer the possibility of connecting a washbasin in addition to the toilet."


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Sanicompact is the first all-in-one macerating toilet suite. Adding a toilet is...

  • Toilet
  • Wash hand basin

If you want to build a house, every square meter is valuable and its use should be considered. You plan to renovate your house by adding a new toilet, for example. Whatever the configuration and without having to allocate too much space to toilets, the solution is called Sanicompact.

Install toilets in a narrow space: it is possible with SFA

The surface area allocated to sanitary equipment varies from 1.2 to 2.5 m². An entirely conceivable space under the slope of an attic room, in the attic, or under the stairs. As long as the ceiling height is at least equal to 1 meter, and a water inlet and an evacuation pipe exist, then anything is possible. It is also possible to set up a toilet area in your bathroom, you choose the appropriate model.

Install toilets in a small space: Sanicompact 43

SFA's Sanicompact 43 solution has many advantages. In addition to the significant space saving, it is very easy to install without major work. 

Thus, it allows you to easily renovate an unused room. Its small evacuation diameter of only 32 mm and its depth of 43 cm allow all kinds of placement as in a cupboard under stairs. Sanicompact 43, ceramic with integrated grinder is very aesthetic and does not require a tank and is compact.

The hand basins can be easily connected for a complete toilet for your guests.

The Sanicompact 43 solution from SFA allows more energy savings because it is equipped with an innovative and economical “ECO +” double evacuation system: consumption is therefore 1.8 L to 3 L of flushing.