Ranging from the kitchen to the bathroom and toilet area, SFA offers the possibility of creating these new spaces, anywhere, without major work.
A 32 mm diameter drain, a water inlet and a power outlet are enough. The only limit is your creativity.


SFA supports you throughout the process, to find the most suitable solution


  • The Advantages of Installing a Kitchen Sink with Saniflo

    When it comes to home renovations, your dream home layout often clashes with the constraints posed by existing plumbing systems. This was precisely the dilemma faced by Maurice and Margaret Watson when they decided to relocate their kitchen to a discreet corner room in their heritage-listed apartment to take advantage of their stunning view over the Sydney Harbour. In this blog post, we'll explore the remarkable solution they found with Saniflo SFA and discuss the advantages.

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    Tiny homes and granny flats are becoming increasingly popular, and they offer a great solution to the nation’s housing crisis. In order to be compliant, granny flats and tiny homes are required to have plumbing amenities including kitchen and bathroom facilities, but this can be a challenge as they are often built lower than street level and adjacent homes. This is the issue that a client had recently with their tiny home build as the selected site was situated far away from the street.

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SFA offers a wide range of products to meet the requirements of all of your projects: crushers, compacts, domestic pumps or even lifting stations which can be installed above ground or be buried. And we have the performance to match your lifting parameters.