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A domestic kitchen or laundry anywhere

  • Handling water temperature up to 60 degrees C
  • Flow rate 110 L/min
  • Sound level: 44 dB (A)
  • Easy to install

Ideal for domestic applications

Sanivite deals with grey water from a shower, wash hand basin, bath, bidet, washing machine, dishwasher or sink

The Sanivite can discharge grey water from a bathroom but also a washing machine or a dishwasher in a kitchen

This lifting pump is manufactured in France in the SFA factory in Brégy (60).

Data sheet

Number of available inlets
Inlet diameter
40 mm
Recommended discharge pipe diameter
32/40 mm
Motor power
Supply voltage
Electrical class
Shower tray height
17 cm
Sound level
44 DB (A)
Maximum horizontal discharge
Maximum vertical discharge
5 m

Dimensions L x H x W (mm) | 373 x 275 x 185

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