Sanibest® Pro is a heavy duty Macerator suitable for busy commercial environments and is not intended for domestic use. 

  • Ideal for heavy usage applications where silent operation is not imperative
  • Robust stainless steel macerator blade for intensive us
  • Possible connection to a toilet, basin, bath and shower


  • Bidet
  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Wash hand basin

The Sanibest Pro is perfect for retrofitting a bathroom in a rented studio, in resorts, restaurants or other public places. It has several intakes that allow it to connect a sink or a washbasin, a shower and a bidet in addition to a toilet. Its exceptional evacuation performance can pump waste water up to 7 meters vertically or 110 meters horizontally

SANIBEST Pro datasheet

Number of available inlets
Inlet diameter
100/40 mm
Recommended discharge pipe diameter
22/28/32/40 mm
Motor power
1100 W
Supply voltage
Electrical class
IP rating
Shower tray height
15 cm
Maximum horizontal discharge
110 m
Maximum vertical discharge
7 m

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