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  • Case Studies 02/22/2023


    How to convert a garden shed into a functional pool changing and powder room.

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  • Case Studies 02/01/2023

    Office Space Transformed into Fully Equipped Doctor’s Clinic (Sanifast)

    Challenge: Originally occupied by offices, the space had limited existing plumbing making it difficult to detail in the basins needed for individual doctor’s offices Solution: The architects specified Sanifast Grey Water Pumps, enabling the design team to incorporate basins throughout the space without needing to install additional waste pipes.

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  • News 01/26/2023

    How to Convert Your Garage into a Living Space For Your Adult Child

    As home prices increase and the rental crisis intensifies, parents find themselves thinking about alternatives for young adults by renovating a space in their home that they can call their own.

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  • 01/23/2023

    7 kitchen renovation tips

    Kitchens are no longer viewed as a room with the sole purpose of cooking. Nowadays, the kitchen is central to the home and is one of the most important rooms. It is the space where a large amount of time is spent, where things are stored, where kids have fun with their art and craft supplies, where entertaining happens, the list goes on! So, it is no secret that having a good kitchen makes a huge difference when it comes to buying or selling a home. That’s why renovating your kitchen is really

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  • News 01/23/2023

    6 Bathroom Trends we’ll be seeing this year

    Creating a new bathroom space, or planning to renovate your bathroom? If you need help getting started, here are 6 bathroom trends we’ll be seeing this year. These are adaptable bathroom design trends for your home and office that not only keep up with the latest fashion, but that makes the best use of your available space.

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