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Convert your basement into a guest room

News 08/01/2020

Convert your basement into a guest room

So you’ve thought about doing an extension, but unfortunately the land around your home isn’t big enough. Maybe the kids are growing up and want their own space, or maybe you frequently welcome your friends over, but there is no space for them, aside from your living room couch. Whatever the reason, you now have the issue of creating an additional space. But, where? 

If you have a basement, chances are you might not be using the space as efficiently as possible. Quite often, basements tend to become storage areas, limiting its potential uses. Have you ever thought about turning your basement into a spare room? Better still, a spare room with an ensuite? This might sound impossible, but by using Saniflo products, it is possible to transform your basement and easily install an underground bathroom.

Traditional plumbing relies on gravity for the water waste to flow downhill to the main sewerage line. Saniflo, however, have created a product that pumps the water uphill to the sewerage line, meaning that your underground toilet, basin, shower and even washing machine are all possible! 

So what are the steps to creating your ideal basement space?

Step 1 Marking out the space

First things first, clear out the space. If you have been using your basement for storage, chances are there is a fair bit of stuff that needs to be thrown out, donated or stored elsewhere. Once you have a nice, clear area, plan out where you would like the bedroom/living space and where your ensuite will go. We suggest leaving the space as open-plan as possible to give it that loft feel. With the help of some clever cupboards, there will still be plenty of space for your storage needs.

—> Tip: If your room is smaller, it might be best to keep your space predominantly as a rumpus room with a fold out sofa bed, instead of partitioning off a separate sleeping area. This will help to make the space look larger.

Step 2 Paints and Plumbing

Once you have marked out your space, it is now time to prepare your space by selecting flooring, if needed and painting the walls.

Tip: Choose a neutral colour for the walls, as this will help to avoid the room appearing too small or cramped. A neutral colour also allows more opportunities to easily redecorate later if you wish! 

After the flooring is in and the walls are painted, it is time to build your new bathroom! Believe it or not, this is not as challenging as it might sound. The Saniflo range of products helps overcome conventional plumbing hurdles, contact your local plumber and they will be able to help.

For your new ensuite, there are two items from the Saniflo range that you can use: First, there is the Sanicompact, which looks like a normal toilet but has an inbuilt macerator and is easy to install! The second product is the Sanishower, which is a separate pump that can be easily connected to a shower recess. 

Alternatively, you could use the SaniAccess 3, which can be connected to the whole bathroom at the same time! Shower recess, toilet, sink… All the water waste produced from these fixtures can go through the one macerator pump! This would be an ideal solution if you want to use specific bathroom fixtures, such as a brand-specific bathtub or colourful toilets.

Step 3 Decorate your new space!

One of the most fun parts is selecting pieces of furniture for your new space! In quite a small and dark room, give priority to the light! Choose pieces of furniture that are not cumbersome but that offer plenty of storage. It is also important to install various light sources: ceiling lights, table lamp… The more, the better! 

Tip: Use a colourful carpet to make the room feel warmer!

And here is your new guest room! For a minimum amount of time and money, your basement will become an extra room, which will help to add value to your home. 

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