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LUXURY CABIN ( Sanicubic1)

Case Studies 10/02/2020

LUXURY CABIN ( Sanicubic1)


To renovate the heritage cabins and create an inclusive luxurious experience


Plumbing solution required for the elevated bathroom drainage


Sanicubic 1 WP

Located south of Sydney, nestled between Murramarang National Park and the white sands of Pebbly Beach are the picturesque luxury cabins of Pebbly Beach Escape. The five cabins with the backdrop of the coast rival the comfort and style of a five-star vacation resort. The owner, Colin Bailie, who manages several businesses in the tourism industry, was extremely pleased with his new business investment and venture. After a change of ownership, Colin decided to embark on the renovation of the cabins to offer visitors more comfort by providing showers, basins and toilets within the luxury cabins.

“We decided to remodel the cabins and relocate some of the amenities in order to create a better flow and optimise the surrounding views. We instantly came across a hurdle when we relocated the bathroom for two of the cabins. The move created an elevation, which now meant that traditional gravity plumbing was not an option.”

- Colin Bailie, Owner – Pebbly Beach Escape

Colin had previously used the Saniflo pumps at his eco-tourism property, so he instantly knew that he would be able to rely on Saniflo for a solution.

The Sanicubic 1 was installed at 2 of the cabins; a powerful high performing lifting station, with a tough and reliable macerating pump. A total of 3 bathroom fixtures; a toilet, shower and basin were connected to the Sanicubic 1, which was installed externally to the cabin in order to maximise the bathroom space.

“Saniflo has provided a cost-effective solution for what is a very costly problem. This is the second occasion I have used Saniflo for a plumbing solution and I’m extremely pleased with the reliability of their pumps. I definitely will be using them again in the future!”

- Colin Bailie, Owner – Pebbly Beach Escape



·         Ideal for additional granny flats, studios or cabins.

·         New design with easily removable motor for servicing and maintenance.

·         External hard-wired audio-visual alarm.

·         Working temperature of 35°C. 

·         Will handle up to 70°C for short periods.

·         IP68 waterproof rated


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