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EARLY LEARNING CENTRE ( Sanispeed, Sanaccess2 and Sanicom1)

Case Studies 11/09/2021

EARLY LEARNING CENTRE ( Sanispeed, Sanaccess2 and Sanicom1)


To create a space with all essential amenities


Plumbing needed in a multistorey building on a concrete slab


SanispeedSaniaccess 2 and Sanicom 1

When Nasser Benjamin needed a plumbing solution for his new early learning centre, Saniflo was the obvious choice. Having already used Saniflo twice, once for a commercial project, and once for his own residence, Nasser had no hesitation in using Saniflo products again.

“The first time I used Saniflo was for my first childcare centre in 2012. There, we faced the same problem; we couldn’t go through the concrete slab. I spoke to my hardware guy, who recommended Saniflo, and the rest is history.”

- Nasser Benjamin, Owner

In each instance, Nasser was faced with the issue of installing plumbing in an area located on a concrete slab. Traditional plumbing was ruled out as digging through the post-tension concrete slab to the tenancies below was not an option. This is where Saniflo came in. To achieve the space that Nasser wanted to create for the early learning centre, Saniflo recommended Sanispeed for the kitchenette, Sanicom for the main kitchen and Saniaccess 2 for the children’s toilets.

The Sanispeed was discreetly installed inside the cupboard under the sink.

“The Sanispeed is our largest seller, our smallest commercial grey water pump and it’s used a lot for commercial office kitchens and small cafes. It handles higher temperatures than the domestic range, which is often needed in these situations.”

- Greg Waters, Technical Manager SFA Australia.

Key Benefits

  • Allows the installation of a dishwasher, glasswasher, washing machine, kitchen sink, shower, vanity basin, bath and coffee station in areas without plumbing access.
  • The smallest commercial grey water pump provides the perfect solution for a low to medium use commercial kitchen, office, café or bar.
  • Ability to handle a higher temperature than other domestic pumps.
  • Pumps 7m vertically, 90m horizontally, or lesser combinations or both

“The beauty of the Saniaccess 2 macerator pump is the ease of access for serviceability. The access is via panels on top of the unit, which give you direct access to the blades and the electrical chamber. It’s ideal for childcare centres, commercial applications, or anywhere where blockages are a potential.”

- Greg Waters, Technical Manager SanifloSFA

Key Benefits

  • Macerator pump with the possibility to connect a WC and vanity basin.
  • Provides easy access to the blades and electrical chamber for servicing.
  • Pumps up to 5m vertically, 100m horizontally, or lesser combinations of both.

The Saniaccess 2 was installed behind the existing wall to minimise the visibility of the pump.

“The Sanicom was chosen for the kitchen because of its ability to handle higher volumes of incoming waste, higher temperatures along with the greasy waste.”

- Greg Waters, Technical Manager Saniflo Australasia.

Key Benefits

  • This mid-sized commercial grey water pump is designed to handle higher temperatures and a higher flow rate. Temperatures between 35c and 90c can be accepted.
  • Pumps up to 8m vertically, 100m horizontally, or lesser combinations of both.
  • Allows the installation of multiple sinks, coffee stations, commercial kitchens, dishwashers, glasswashers, washing machines bath and shower.

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