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Case Studies 09/28/2020



Achieving drainage for new coffee machines in service station nation-wide.


Plumbing needed in existing stores with no plumbing ports.



When one of the biggest petroleum companies made the decision to install new coffee machines in their stores nation-wide, they had the issue of no access to traditional plumbing. Where previously their coffee machines had released waste into a plastic container under the bench, they knew they wanted a better solution.

They had seen the track record with Saniflo systems in 7-Eleven stores and Coles Express and knew that it was a proven system. Along with the advice of their prominent coffee supplier, Saniflo was approached for a solution for their stores.


The client approached us looking for a product suitable for their new coffee machines. When these spaces were originally designed, there was no drainage set-up as coffee machines were a later addition. To provide safe waste water disposal, we recommended the Sanispeed.

- SanifloSFA

Many of the coffee machines generate about 6L of water per flush, which occurs periodically throughout the day. Every time a coffee is made, there’s water that flushes the tray. Previously, all waste water collected in a plastic container, which created a health issue and an OHS issue for the staff members needing to empty the containers.


“With the old system, if you didn’t clean it every day, it would smell, and if you didn’t empty the bucket, it would flood.”

- Service Station Employee

The only way they could get rid of this old process was to install a pump.

Given the performance, size and suitability, Sanispeed was the perfect choice. Sanispeed allows the installation of a fully automated coffee machine anywhere and without the need for conventional plumbing


  •  Allows the installation of a coffee station, dishwasher, glasswasher, washing machine, kitchen sink, shower, vanity basin and bath in areas without plumbing access.
  •  The smallest commercial grey water pump provides the perfect solution for a low to medium use commercial kitchen, office, café or bar.
  •  Ability to handle a higher temperature than other, domestic pumps.

“A Saniflo pump was an obvious choice for us as we embarked on a major national store retrofit upgrade, which incorporated installing new automatic coffee machines across our network.

We were faced with expensive plumbing work or simply installing a Saniflo

Sanispeed pump , which works quietly and efficiently under each installation using a level activation system and pumps the waste water to the main waste line at any convenient point of access. Saniflo Technical Department were also most helpful in assisting our design team with the installation and specification details along with onsite support”

- Service Station National Programs Manager

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