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SURAT BASIN MINING CAMP ( Sanicubic2 Pro and Sanicom1)

Case Studies 09/14/2020

SURAT BASIN MINING CAMP ( Sanicubic2 Pro and Sanicom1)


To create all-inclusive accommodation for multiple temporary mining camps.


Plumbing solution that complies with strict environmental regulations.


Sanicubic 2 Pro and Sanicom 1

The Surat Basin is a 270,000 km² region, known for its rich mining heritage. In early 2013, several temporary mining camps were proposed after excavation was approved for a coal seam gas site. With the influx of mining migration to the region, the need to create on-site housing to accommodate the 'fly-in, fly-out' staff was fundamental.

The traditional container dwellings, referred to as 'Donga’s', proposed many challenges for the mining management when they were seeking a plumbing solution.  

"When mining excavation is approved, it's often conditional with strict environmental regulations. As a result, it means that the occupying area needs to be left as it was found. So, seeking a plumbing solution at above ground level, with no connection to sewage mains, was an initial concern for the mining management team."

- Nick Moore, Business Development Manager, SFA Australia

To achieve the container housing, with all the amenities, including a kitchenette, shower, basin and toilet, Saniflo initially recommended Sanibest Pro. For the large commercial kitchen and laundry facility, Saniflo suggested the Sanicom for its high performance and durability.

During the expansion period, Saniflo implemented a streamlined plumbing and hydraulic design that would enable multiple fixtures to be connected to the Sanicubic 2 Pro. The pump was an ideal solution as it was able to process a considerable amount of incoming waste with its powerful twin motor and the additional security of a backup macerator.

"The Sanicubic 2 Pro was an excellent solution for the mining camp as it enabled them to connect three containers to a single pump. This unit was so powerful that it was able to withstand incoming waste and grey water from 9 occupants at any given time."

- Nick Moore, Business Development Manager, SFA Australia

The installation of the Sanicubic 2 Pro resulted in a simplified plumbing system. Saniflo was able to connect the pump directly to a holding tank 70 metres away, rather than needing a transfer station to process the waste

Key Benefits

  • Innovative plumbing allows installation of underground wet areas.
  • Heavy-duty pump pushes wastewater up to 11m vertically or 110m horizontally to the sewerage and stormwater mains.
  • Powerful and reliable with two motors and a wireless alarm.

The Sanicom pump was installed in the large commercial kitchen and in the laundry facilities. The pump was critical to achieving these spaces as it is resistant to higher temperatures, large volumes of incoming wastewater and grease.

At its peak, a temporary mining camp in the Surat Basin housed a total of 60 dwellings, which could accommodate approximately 180 people. Throughout the two year project, the camp numbers were continuously scaling and at its maturity over 400 Saniflo pumps had been installed. 

"The mining camp management team was extremely pleased with the outcome and grateful for our ability to meet and exceed their expectations." 

-Greg Waters, Technical Manager, SFA Australia

Key Benefit

  • This mid-sized commercial grey water pump is designed to handle higher temperatures and a higher flow rate.
  • Temperatures between 35c and 90c can be accepted. Pumps up to 8m vertically, 100m horizontally, or lesser combinations of both.
  • Allows the installation of multiple sinks, coffee stations, commercial kitchens, dishwashers, glasswashers, washing machines bath and shower.

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