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Case Studies 06/24/2019



Create a home gym and steam room with Harbour views.


Plumbing needed to push waste back uphill to the sewerage mains.


Sanispeed and Sanicubic 1 WP

When building a waterfront home in one of Sydney’s most desirable neighbourhoods, every element of the design is key. For this property’s waterfront home gym and sauna, it was only once the build had started that the ideal location for these facilities was identified: Right at the waters edge.

Initially the gym had been designed to be upstairs, however there was a last minute design change and with it came last minute plumbing issue. Due to the sloping nature of the block and the waterfront being the lowest point, conventional plumbing was not an option.

“As the sauna and powder room are below the mains, it wasn’t possible to get the fall required to use traditional plumbing. Instead, I suggested Saniflo as I’ve worked with them before and I’ve always liked their products.”

- Mark Frazer, Frazer Plumbing and Drainage

After speaking with Greg Waters from Saniflo, the Sanicubic 1 WP was selected to service the powder room and the Sanispeed for the steam room and shower.

“We also looked at a competitor’s product but I tend to go with Saniflo. Saniflo have a great service, and I know I can always call up and ask questions.”

- Mark Frazer, Frazer Plumbing and Drainage


The Sanicubic 1 WP was selected to service the powder room area as it allows for the seamless construction desired for this project.

With the Sanicubic 1, there is the added flexibility to design the bathroom as desired and without the need to see the pump. As the Sanicubic 1 WP is designed for remote connections, it is ideal in these situations.

“In this instance, the designers didn’t want to see a pump behind the toilet, so we needed to select a product that would allow for conventional in floor drainage that could gravitate waste from the toilet and basin through standard 100mm pipes towards the pump. The Sanicubic 1 WP achieved this hybrid design and provided the builders with the flexibility for seamless construction.”

- Saniflo Australasia.

The Sanispeed was chosen for the steam room for it’s high performance and ability to handle high temperatures.


Sanispeed can handle up to 75 degrees celcius and its high performance makes it the ideal pump for this steam room and shower. In this instance, the Sanispeed’s temperature handling was key.

- Saniflo Australasia.

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