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The dos and don’ts for kitchen renovation: Part 1


The dos and don’ts for kitchen renovation: Part 1

Renovating your kitchen is a large undertaking that will need a good portion of your attention. You’ll need to think about all the technical aspects as well as the financials, and this all needs to be done without forgetting the design and style of your space! This is a lot to think about and it’s understandable that you might feel overwhelmed already! To help you, I’ve put together a short list on what to do and what not to do! To make it easier for you, I will be sharing this advice with you in two parts. Part 1 will cover your kitchen renovation dos, and part 2 will cover your kitchen renovation don’ts. So, keep the following in mind before tackling your next kitchen renovation project!


Match the kitchen style to the whole house

People often choose not to renovate their whole home at once, which is very understandable! Renovating can be expensive, time-consuming and stressful! Because of this, when you choose to renovate one area at a time, you’ll want to dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to this one area. During this process, it’s important to keep the style of the rest of your home in mind. You don’t want to find that you’ve chosen a style that contradicts with the rest of your home! For instance, there is no point in creating an ultra-modern kitchen if the rest of your place is decorated like an English cottage, and vice-versa, even if a mix & match look can sometimes be successful. 

Think practically

Your kitchen is a place where you spend a lot of time chatting, eating, working… and sometimes cooking! Because of this, your kitchen is a hybrid space that is fundamental to the balance of your home. In order to enjoy this space as much as possible, you have to think practically. 

The best way to practically plan your kitchen is to keep the work triangle in mind. This model links the three main kitchen elements, the sink, the fridge and the stove, ensuring that you can easily and readily access all three. Once you have these fundamentals planned out, try not to clutter the rest of your kitchen space as this will make working in your kitchen complicated. 

Hire tradies for technical work

Wanting to renovate on your own is more than honorable, but for some parts, doing things by yourself can turn out very badly! So, it might be best to hire a tradie for the more complex, technical work. For instance, if you have your heart set on a kitchen location that is away from your water mains, then you’ll need to use a product like what Saniflo offer. For this installation, you will need to contact one of their accredited tradies, so that you can be sure of the outcome. One of the common reasons that I hear for people not wanting to hire a tradie and instead attempting work themselves is that they think it will save them money. Unfortunately, it can end up costing you more. If you attempt your plumbing works alone and don’t do it correctly, in the end, you will be out of pocket a lot more.

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