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5 rumpus room design tips


5 rumpus room design tips

A rumpus room is a perfect space for kids, teens and older family members alike. A rumpus room provides an additional living space in the house where children can play, teenagers can hang out with their friends and parents can relax. It’s also a space that could be used as a multipurpose for guests who come to stay. In order to make this space as useful and friendly as possible, take a look at these five tips!

1. Use colour

Remember that the first purpose of a rumpus room is to provide a friendly space for all to enjoy, so use colour! This will help to provide a happy and bubbly atmosphere, where everyone can feel relaxed and enjoy themselves.  If this space is going to be predominantly used for your kids, you could let them choose the colour of the space. If they have multiple favourite colours, consider combining them to create an artwork feature wall. For example, if your kids like blue and yellow, you could create a beautiful image of the beach on the wall and then continue the beach theme throughout the space. Having a theme with multiple colours gives you more flexibility when decorating and allows you to mix up the fixtures to update. 

2. Make sure there is storage space

The main use of a rumpus room generally ends up being a kid’s play space, so make sure there is plenty of storage. If you consider how many years your children are going to enjoy this space, that’s a lot of toys lying around if there’s not enough storage! Storage is also important if you wish to use your rumpus room as a guest room. When guests come to stay, they will want to enjoy their private space without stepping on loose toys. Storage can come in many shapes and sizes. I suggest using a combination of wall cabinets, shelves and storage cubes that can double as seating. 

3. Choose durable furniture

As a rumpus room can be a multipurpose space, it is important to consider durable furniture. Your kids will grow and not need a play space anymore, and you/your guests won’t need a play space at all. By investing in furniture that is durable and will accommodate a range of ages and sizes, you will help to ensure that your rumpus room is suitable for all ages and can be tailored as need be. Investing in durable furniture might seem a bit expensive at the time, but it will end up saving you money in the long run. Cupboards and shelves are the most everlasting items, as is a sturdy table that can double as a desk, as well as good quality lighting.

4. Choose a sofa bed

As mentioned, the rumpus room is a great multi-purpose space that can act as a guest room as well. Putting a sofa bed in the room, instead of a couch is the perfect solution. You’ll be able to welcome friends or family when needed, and you kids could use the bed for sleepovers. A sofa bed is perfect for late night movie nights too!

5. Add an ensuite

To make your rumpus room even more valuable, consider adding an ensuite! With this addition, your guests will have convenience and privacy, making this space even more valuable. Saniflo Australia provide an alternative plumbing solution that makes an ensuite addition possible, anywhere in the home - even if your plumbing fixtures are located far from the sewerage and water mains, or on a concrete slab!

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