How to upgrade your existing bedroom and ensuite

Bathroom 08/31/2020

How to upgrade your existing bedroom and ensuite

Having an ensuite off your bedroom is already a great way to add value to your home. It provides privacy for the parents who occupy the room, as well as gives the feeling of a large bedroom area. However, if you have been living in your home for a while, or if the previous owners did not take care of the house, this space might look a bit tired. 

Don’t worry, there are easy ways to convert your bedroom into a genuine luxurious haven! Here are some tips to help you find inspiration.

1. Think of the rooms as a whole

The interesting point in having an ensuite is that you can play with the notion of space. So, in order to enjoy the most of both your bedroom and your ensuite, you’ve got to think of them as a whole. It doesn’t mean that you have to decorate them in the exact same way, but instead give them a similar theme.

2. Focus on the light

Light makes a room come alive. Whether you decide to create a zen, subdued atmosphere or a dynamic, energising one, you won’t use the same lights. With an ensuite, you are able to have both! 

For instance, you can focus on intense light in the bathroom such as LED lights, and have a softer lighting in the bedroom, such as indirect lighting. 

I personally would associate the Lexi 5 lights in the bathroom with the Ashton lamps for the bedside tables, both sold by Bitola Lighting and Fans. The steel will bring a modern touch in both rooms while providing different intensities, stronger in the bathroom, softer in the bedroom. 

3. Add colours

Classic doesn’t mean neutral. Bring some joy into your ensuite and your bedroom by adding colours. Installing wallpaper on only one wall may be a great way to upgrade your bedroom to the fancy level without lots of efforts. Pick one of Wall Candy Wallpaper’s great printed ones; they have plenty of beautiful patterns that would look great in a bedroom. My favourites are the fuschia flamingos and the peonies flowers! 

Once you installed the wallpaper, you can use the same colour tones throughout the bathroom. An easy way of doing this is by choosing similar coloured towels and bathroom accessories.

4. Invest in one amazing piece of furniture

As the author May Sarton said it, “a house that does not have one warm, comfy chair in it is soulless.”  And I agree! However, I’d rather extend this to any piece of furniture that can provide your room with a special atmosphere. I love the Australian made chairs by Jardan, or an original rug from Kruger Carpets. Make your choice and decide which element will twist your bedroom from regular to exceptional!

5. Update your fittings and fixtures

If your ensuite is a bit more on the tired side, chances are you might need to renovate the fittings and fixtures. Quite often we see bathrooms and ensuites still in their 1970s pastel pink glory, but this style is not for everyone! Using a few simple products, you can quite easily update and rearrange your ensuite to maximise space and have the layout and style of your dreams. Moving plumbing can be expensive, so I suggest using a product from Saniflo that bypasses this need. Saniflo has special plumbing pumps, so there’s no need for you or your tradie to dig into your ensuite’s concrete slab. Instead, the Saniflo unit is placed neatly in a cupboard, or behind the toilet, allowing you to make the most of your ensuite.

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