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Case Studies 01/15/2024


Objective: Safely release the wastewater from commercial washing machines

Challenge: The cooling straining tank is located above the washing machine discharge

Solution: Sanicom 2 and Sanialarm Interlock

Laundrettes provide an important laundry service within inner cities for people who don’t have access to a washing machine and/or dryer. Ozone Laundrette in Docklands (Melbourne), Victoria is one such laundry service. Due to the large number of washing machines in constant operation, Ozone needed a way to carefully manage and release the wastewater from their commercial washing machines. Part of this management procedure is the straining and cooling of the water before it is released into the sewerage mains.

Ozone came across the issue where the cooling/straining unit was located above the washing machines, requiring a pump to move the wastewater from the washing machines to the unit. The solution was a Sanicom 2 Greywater lifting station, which is able to pick up the wastewater from all the washing machines and pump it up to the cooling/straining unit. The Sanicom 2 is especially ideal for this setup as it can handle high temperature water, which is commonly released from a washing machine.

“A Sanicom 2 is the ideal pump for our Ozone Laundrettes as it safely pumps the wastewater from the washers into an above ground cooling/straining tank before entering the reticulated sewer”.

- Micheal Lambe, Director of Waterworks Plumbing & Gas (Vic)

In addition, a Sanialarm interlock was also specified for the site. If the water levels inside the pump rise and the pump doesn't engage, the Sanialarm Interlock will activate an audible alarm and shut off water supply to fixtures discharging into the pump. Power supply to the washing machines will also be shut down.

“After receiving a call from Michael at Waterworks Plumbing and discussing the needs for his project, it was decided that the Sanicom 2 was the ideal pump for its outstanding performance and reliability. With the addition of the Sanialarm Interlock, it gives the whole project a complete solution and this specification is now carried on to each new Ozone Laundrette site when a pump is needed.”

- Adam Rowe, SFA Business Development Manager East Vic

Sanicom 2

Sanicom 2 is a powerful greywater lifting station that utilises 2 motors making it ideal for commercial applications. It can pump 11m vertically or 110m horizontally or a lesser combination of both.


Reliable dual motors allowing for continuity of service

Pumps water with temperatures of 35°C or will handle up to 90°C (for short periods of 5 minutes)

Features an external control box

Sanialarm Interlock

The Sanialarm Interlock is an external alarm designed for Saniflo pumps. It has three functions, an audible alarm that is set off in the event of a high-level issue, the simultaneous shut off of incoming water supply to prevent flooding, while cutting the power supply to the washing machines.

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