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Case Studies , News 09/08/2023


Objective: To create an at home hair salon

Challenge: Limited access to traditional plumbing and working to a tight budget

Solution: Sanispeed + Sanihair

One industry that is increasingly in need of an alternate plumbing solution is hair and beauty industry. With the rise in commercial lease costs, many salon owners are instead turning to home salons to run their businesses. Repurposing existing home spaces comes with certain physical design constraints, mainly the proposed areas not having easy access to conventional plumbing. With the location for hair wash basins being a key factor in the overall design of the new home salons, additional thought is needed on how to achieve these working spaces. The easiest way to get around these plumbing and design constraints is with the use of an alternative plumbing solution, such as a grey water pump like the Sanispeed. Traditionally, the issue with these pumps has been the need to safeguard against the build up of hair and product from the salon basins. 

"We have been seeing an increase in the specification of grey water pumps for home and commercial hairdressing salon projects in recent years. This increase in demand for pumps in an industry where potential service issues due to the build up of hair can have an effect on ongoing service costs. Due to this increased demand, Saniflo SFA have developed the SANIHAIR hair trap. This hair trap gives the customer peace of mind that their grey water pump will continue to function smoothly, whilst giving them an easy  to service filter that will ultimately save them in pump service costs.” 

- Gregory Waters, Saniflo SFA Australia 


The Sanispeed grey water pump is ideal for light commercial applications where grey water needs to be disposed of. It has four inlets and can handle hot temperatures. The Sanispeed can pump up to 7m vertically or 70m horizontally (or a lesser combination of both) and it is a small unit at just 367 x 277 x 189mm, making it a common solution for grey water renovations where access to traditional plumbing is limited. 

“An added bonus is that the Sanispeed works effectively with very little noise, and it is a compact unit that fits in my super small space. It still pumps as quietly as the day my plumber installed it and the unit itself is tucked away in the bottom of one of the salon cupboards, undetected by my clients.” 
- Briana Smith - Ahead of Style Hair Dressing 


While the Sanispeed grey water pump is the ideal solution for installing hair wash basins anywhere in a new salon, the combination of hair care product build-up and stray hairs leads to pumps requiring more frequent servicing. Because of this, Saniflo SFA have developed the SANIHAIR hair trap, which is designed to collect hair and hair products before they reach the pump, to safeguard against potential blockages and costly servicing. 

By installing the SANIHAIR hair trap to filter the waste from the salon basins and collecting the hair before it enters the grey water pump, it creates the perfect safeguard package that allows the client to clean the basket filter as required, without the need to contract external services. The SANIHAIR hair trap has a quick access lid and removable basket for easy servicing, making it a simple solution for a common problem. 

“I knew building my own home hair salon on a strict budget wasn’t going to be easy, I needed an affordable reliable plumbing solution in a part of the house where there was no existing plumbing, this solution needed to be capable of handling all the hair that makes it way down the hair wash basin waste. My plumber Kerry from Bathy's Plumbing set about researching the best most affordable way to make my dream a reality, Kerry found a suitable pump from Saniflo SFA that was within my budget and assured  me that the SANIHAIR hair trap installed prior to the Saniflo SFA Sanispeed grey water pump would give me years of trouble free service whilst, saving on service costs by allowing me to be able to clean the hair trap myself.  I honestly cannot find fault with the SANIHAIR hair trap along with the Sanispeed pump, the pump hasn’t missed a beat and the hair trap is so easy to clean.” 

- Briana Smith - Ahead of Style Hair Dressing 



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