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Your ultimate poolside area


Your ultimate poolside area

Having a pool is amazing. You can swim whenever you want, you kids can have so much fun and it provides a relaxing atmosphere in your garden. Whether it is a solar heated pool, a lap pool or something larger, it is important to enhance the space by organising the area around it. Follow our four tips to make the best space out of your poolside area!

An alfresco kitchen

Almost every city in Australia has an average of more than 200 sunny days per year. During this massive part of the year, you will want to take advantage of each occasion to spend time near your pool and enjoy the wonderful haven you built in your garden. To do so, there is nothing better than having an alfresco kitchen. Why? Because you won’t dirty your indoor kitchen each time you want to cook a meal, and being able to stay outdoors to watch the kids play in the pool is best. During the long nights of summer, it’s also nice to be able to cook next to your guests and mingle! 

Building a new area such as this can be expensive and technically difficult, especially if you don’t have readily available plumbing outside. However, by using a product by Saniflo, your alfresco kitchen is more easily achievable. Saniflo pumps allow wet areas (like kitchens and bathrooms) to be installed anywhere in the home, even underground or far away from the sewerage/water mains. For an alfresco kitchen, you can use a pump such as the Sanivite to connect your new sink to the water mains. This product also means that there’s no need to dig up your entire yard as the pipes are so small!

An outdoor dining room

What’s better than enjoying a nice meal next to the pool with family and friends after a good swim? Not much! To enjoy this experience, you will want to create a proper outdoor dining area. It can be tempting to rush things and purchase the first table you see out of excitement, however it is much better to plan your whole area. Having a complete area will ensure maximum enjoyment and usability of this space. Just think, in the warmer months, you can have a complete alfresco dining space where you can enjoy a meal with family and friends.

To create your new outdoor dining area, define which space you will dedicate for this. From here, you’ll be able to choose a table that will fit your needs and your available space. I highly recommend that you pick a large table so that when you’ll want to invite friends or family, you’ll never be restrained by the capacity of your table.

An outdoor bathroom

Having a pool is great but keeping the chlorine on your skin after a swim out of your house is not so enjoyable. We're all familiar with the awkward waddle from the pool, through the house to the bathroom to take a shower, or use the toilet. Instead, why not install an outdoor shower? This practical outdoor living addition will make your poolside area the envy of the entire neighbourhood. Say goodbye to the awkward damp waddle to the indoor bathroom and hello to a relaxing outdoor shower. You can even make the outdoor shower a centrepiece of your poolside garden design.

For the most appropriate product for your needs, get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.

For an extra touch, choose a rain showerhead; but be careful, you’ll never want to take a shower inside after trying it!

A relaxing corner

Big chairs, floor cushions, low tables, lanterns and fairy lights are the must-haves for this summer. Remove your old plastic deckchairs, it’s now time to design a relaxing, well designed space where you’ll be able to enjoy the long nights of summer to come. 

First, think practically. Only buy furniture that can resist water from the pool and surrounding atmosphere. You don’t want to need to shield everything at night. 

Second, organise the space as you would design a cosy living room. To do so, places different seating types, such as large floor cushions, poufs, chairs and benches. Then, create a nice and warm atmosphere with lanterns, fairy lights and colourful accessories. I recommend including a low table in your space where you can rest your book, drink, snacks or even laptop. Finally, add some waterproof boxes for your pool towels and you are ready to enjoy your new spot!

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