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Your ultimate outdoor entertaining area


Your ultimate outdoor entertaining area

Warm days are finally coming! The sun is shining and you can’t wait to spend time outside enjoying it… but your garden has been neglected. You might not have taken the time to turn this area into a perfect outdoor entertaining zone, but there are easy solutions to create an amazing area out of this currently useless space!

  • Build an alfresco kitchen

What’s better than having an outdoor entertainment area where you can enjoy a nice meal with family and friends? Having a dining area is great and indispensable, but what about adding an alfresco kitchen to make this space even more valuable? To easily achieve an outdoor kitchen, we suggest using Sanivite. This pump will minimise any damage to your garden that conventional plumbing might cause instead, it connects with one small pipe to the main sewerage line. Easy! 

Next to the sink, install a bench for preparing your food and a BBQ to cook your meals outdoors. And voila! Your very own alfresco BBQ kitchen. This addition will help to make your summer barbeques even more enjoyable.

  • Create a relaxing haven

A garden is not only a social place; it can also be a relaxing haven where you can find yourself reading a book while drinking homemade lemonade. 

To create this space of yours, choose a calm corner in your garden and turn it into a wellness area. Think hammocks, daybeds and comfy chairs. You can also add hanging lanterns to create a relaxing atmosphere with soft lighting. If you’re thinking about where to store blankets, cushions, books and other items that you will need in your new alfresco entertaining area, I recommend installing some large trunks that can also double as a side table, or some benches with storage underneath. This way, your storage is practical and out of the way!

  • Create a dining area 

During the long nights of summer, there’s nothing better than spending hours enjoying an endless dinner with family and friends. In order to be able to organise these events, you’ll need a dining area! 

If you don’t already have a proper floor, I recommend building a deck so that it will be easier to design an ideal space, as well as providing some warmth underfoot. Once you have a floor, invest in a large table, big enough to seat all of your guests. I would suggest a wooden table as this provides a nice warm atmosphere. However, if wood is not your style, there are some lovely glass or even wrought iron tables available.  Remember that the table you pick will help to create most of the atmosphere in this outdoor area. Next, choose your chairs. You might like to purchase chairs that match your dining table, or for an eclectic touch, try looking in your local vintage and second-hand stores and collect a range of different style chairs. 

It’s good to also purchase some additional, folding chairs for those unexpected guests that might join in. 

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