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Minor additions to your bathroom, major lifestyle updates

News 01/16/2023

Minor additions to your bathroom, major lifestyle updates

The bathroom is a high use, high traffic area and one that is utilised by the whole family. Often, families of 3, 4 even 5 or more people only have one bathroom! If this sounds familiar, there are a few things you can do to maximise your space and update your lifestyle.


Storage anywhere in the home can be a huge issue for families, and the bathroom is no different. When there are so many people using the one bathroom, finding space for an individual’s belongings can be difficult. To help solve this problem, you could colour code each member’s belongings, provide a separate, labelled drawer or basket for each person, or have everyone keep their own bathroom belongings in a labelled tub in their room. If you’re choosing in-bathroom storage, opt for floating cabinets as they make the space look bigger, and behind the mirror, eye-level storage for the items that you use every day.

An additional bathroom

While we’re talking about storage, how many of us are guilty of having a hall closet, or even a walk-in robe that isn’t properly utilised? While it can be “easier” to stuff belongings in a closet instead of properly sorting them (and chances are throwing a fair few out), there’s a much better way to go about your home organisation. If you are guilty of this and find that you have a poorly used closet, why not turn it into a powder room! You’re not using this space effectively, so you probably don’t need that closet as much as you think you do, so go ahead and create the additional bathroom you really need! While it’s not a minor addition, it is surely a much needed one.

To turn your unused cupboard into a bathroom, Saniflo’s Sanicompact can help you. This innovative all-in-one macerating toilet suite features Saniflo’s macerating technology within the toilet itself, so there’s no need to purchase additional facilities. It also has the capacity to connect to a wash basin, providing you with everything you need for your powder room! The best part about the Sanicompact is that it’s incredibly environmentally friendly and was the first ever toilet to be awarded a 6-star WELS rating for water efficiency. 

An ensuite

Similar to the above application, a dream for many home owners is an ensuite for mum and dad. When you have more than 3 people using the one bathroom, it can get really crowded. With separate spaces, like a parents-only ensuite, the bathroom congestion will ease up.

To create an ensuite, consider first where you will place it. A popular ensuite conversion is a walk-in-robe turned ensuite as many homeowners are finding that they don’t really need a walk-in-robe. Another popular ensuite location is the more open in-room space. This works really well for those people who have a larger bedroom and want to create an ensuite, just without closing off the entire space. It’s also within these spaces that you can really maximise the beautiful appeal of a standalone bathtub.

To achieve your ensuite no matter where your bedroom is located, you can use Saniaccess 3. This macerator pump has the ability to connect to a toilet, shower and sink and is ideal for complete bathrooms. If you’re looking to create an ensuite with a bathtub, Saniflo’s Sanivite will make the bathtub addition possible! This grey water pump has the ability to pump waste water up to 5m vertically or 50m horizontally to the nearest sewerage mains, so there’s no need to worry if your intended ensuite location is further from the sewerage main than traditional plumbing will allow, or if it’s underground/downhill from the sewerage.

A re-design

You might find that you have a well-functioning bathroom but the one thing that’s driving you nuts is that you’d love to swap the locations of your shower and your toilet. Or perhaps you have a bathtub that you never use and instead want a shower, or would indeed love to install a shower. Whatever the scenario, it’s worth speaking with a Saniflo consultant to assess the viability of achieving your bathroom layout dream. Often, the constraint holding homeowners back from achieving their dream bathroom layout is the plumbing. Saniflo’s products seamlessly connect your fixtures to the existing plumbing, making a bathroom re-design possible and much easier than you might think. So, if you’ve been thinking about rearranging your bathroom, removing that impractical bathtub and shower over the bath and instead installing a beautiful stand-alone tub and a walk-in shower, get in touch to find out how!


No matter which space you’re looking at, there’s a huge trend that’s been happening for the past few years to “bring the outdoors in”. Plants and greenery in the home are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are also really beneficial for your health. For bathrooms, the Peace Lily is the perfect choice as they thrive in this moist environment, and research conducted by NASA found that it’s one of the top plants for cleaning the air. 

While you’re thinking about bringing the outdoors in, why not consider bringing the indoors out! Alfresco living is another huge trend at the moment and one that could be achievable for your home too. If you don’t have the space or see a need for a full bathroom outdoors, consider creating an outdoor shower. This luxurious addition not only makes your home feel like a real sanctuary, it is also hugely practical if you have a pool or live near the beach. With an alfresco shower, it’s easy to have a quick rinse to get rid of the salt water or chlorine before running indoors. To easily create an outdoor shower anywhere in your garden, consider using Saniflo’s Sanifloor. The Sanifloor has the ability to pump waste water uphill back to the nearest sewerage mains (up to 3m vertically or 30m horizontally).

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